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Pranayoga Yoga Class

Class Descriptions


Sattva Vinyasa® 


Sattva Vinyasa, created by founder and yoga therapist, Dani McGuire as taught in our 300 hour advanced training program as the regenerative flow. These classes are designed to rejuvenate the whole bodymind. Sattva vinyasa teachers will guide you through challenging and intelligently sequenced peak poses, vinyasa kramas for an all-levels approach, and alignment infused with somatic experience of breath and bandhawork. Practices can be either solar or lunar, and will be sequenced for the seasons to keep you in balance. Rooms will be heated from 78-85 depending on the season.

All Levels Yoga


Is just what it says. This is a yoga class for the beginner and beyond. Whether this is your very first class or if you have a daily practice, our teachers will give modifications, adjustments, and verbal cues to meet you where you are.

Ashtanga Mix


This class is open to intermediate vinyasa flow practicioners. Vinyasa means to place in a special way and is breath-synchronized movement. It is a fluid system of yoga poses that generate heat in the body that has a purification effect on the body and calming to the mind. Experience flow, chant, and meditation. Prerequisite notes: Basic yoga alignment. If new-check out our popular Yoga 101 course!

Yoga Basics


Perfect for the beginner's and those wanting a relaxing Hatha Yoga Class. Whether this is your very first class or if you have a gentle daily practice, our teachers will give modifications, adjustments, and verbal cues to meet you where you are. For one on one attention or to learn the basics, we also offer private sessions and Yoga 101 intro course. Find More Beginner Info Here

Infrared Heated & Hot Yoga Classes 


Hot Yoga is the newest craze and we love breaking a sweat everyday. Pranayoga's philosophy is about sustainablility and a holistic approach to our yoga practice.  We heat our classes from 80-90 degrees depending on the class and season. It isn't just about how hot the external environment gets, it is about the internal heat we are building too. It is important not to throw the body out of it's natural homeostasis. We make it hot but not too hot, so the vital organs are never compromised. Heated Yoga also may be safer than a cooler room as the body is naturally warm to prevent against injuries. So come get your sweat on in a challenging but sensible way!

Our heated yoga classes focus on alignment, vinyasa kramas(stages of postures), and present moment experience. FARinfrared light differs greatly from a heater that heats the air in a room. Being absorbed into the skin it offers increased circulation, muscle flexibility and detoxification. Muscles and joints relax when they are warmed and it helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness and reduce the chance of injury. Enjoy our FARInfrared Sauna therapy to compliment your heated yoga and detox experience.

Classes that turn up the heat include:

Prana Flow

Heated Lunar Flow

Heated All Levels

Infared Hot Yoga

Power Yoga

Sattva Vinyasa

Prana Flow™


Prana Flow is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. An evolutionary approach of embodied transformation and radiant health cultivating inner and outer strength and fluidity, skill and intuition, vital energy and relaxed being, activation and receptivity within the sacred structure of our yoga practice. Monday night is an intermediate Prana Flow class and all others are All-levels Vinyasa practices. 

Hatha Yoga


This class is a traditional balanced Hatha(sun/moon) practice that allows for alignment principals and breath synchronized movements. Helps increase strength and flexibility. We work with gentle warm ups, standing poses for heat and strength, followed by seated forward folds, back bends, and twists to release tension along the spine. Class is finished with breath work, meditation, or guided relaxation.



Kundalini focuses on awakening untapped prana or energy to move us toward enlightenment. The vibration of mantra and the power of the sacred science of Kundalini meditation infused within an all levels Hatha flow. Discover your glow within.

Power Yoga


Power yoga is a strong dynamic flow including, static holds, inversions, core conditioning, and pranayama. Class will be held in a room heated between 85-90 degrees.

Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is designed to stretch the connective tissues, or fascia, of the body. Primary connective tissues include the hips, thighs and lower spinal area. Yin postures are held for several minutes and focus on providing a safe, gentle stress to the structures that make up the joints (ligaments and tendons). This type of asana practice is beneficial to a wide variety of people. Props and modifications are offered for each pose along with Pranayama (breath work) and relaxation techniques.

Kids Yoga 


Yoga is not just for grown-ups anymore. Yoga is a great tool to help kids and teens grow strong in their bodies and the qualities of confidence, creativity, and compassion. In the fast pace world we live in even younger people can feel the stress. Yoga can help them feel more at ease with themselves, more focused, and more relaxed. These classes are ongoing, so you can join at any time. Kids yoga classes for ages 4-11.  Find more Info HERE

Prenatal Class


Prenatal yoga provides the strength and relaxation benefits of yoga, as well as a chance to nurture your-self while bonding with the life inside. The special selection of postures, are designed to prepare the body for changes that occur before, during, and even after labor. Find out More Here

Restorative Yoga


Learning to relax is at the heart of living well and this class is an antidote to stress because it promotes deep relaxation. We will use props like blankets and bolsters to put the body into extremely comfortable and supported positions. Then, much like meditation or asana class, the attention rests on the breath. Each class will include subtle backbends, forward bends and twists, to promote healthy spines, as well as inversions to reverse the fluids in the body, enhancing the functions of the heart. This setting provides the perfect environment to truly relax and rejuvenate. Recommended for beginners and those seeking a very gentle yoga practice.

Therapeutic Yoga


Therapeutic yoga is gentle yoga that meets the needs of the individual who may have physical limitations, or for anyone who is beginning their yoga journey. Modifications are given during classes so that each person is fully supported and comfortable during each yoga pose. This class is a great way to start your yoga practice to acquire the fundamentals of yoga, and is open to any ages and levels- very relaxed and gentle- a great way to take your day from morning into the afternoon. 

Vinyasa Flow


This class is for all-levels vinyasa flow practicioners. Vinyasa means to place with purpose and is breath-synchronized movement. It is a fluid system of yoga poses that generate heat in the body that has a purification effect on the body and calming to the mind. Experience flow, chant, and meditation. Prerequisite notes: Basic yoga alignment. If newer to yoga-check out our popular Yoga 101 course!

Lunar Prana Flow™+Meditation


Relax and Rejuvanate with this lunar flow that uses Prana Flow™ Vinyasa sequencing in a slow flow practice. Most yoga classes are solar in nature, and others are solar and lunar(hatha) we will focus on the lunar poses to create a calming, soothing, and fluid practice to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for healing and preparation for yoga nidra(deep relaxation) and meditation. This class takes place in our infrared heated yoga room between 80-85 for the ease of body in hip openers and deep stretches.

Tibetan Heart Yoga


This class is for practitioners who want to focus on alignment and heart opening poses that influence the movement of energy in the physical body. Postures are held longer as our teacher reminds us of the intention of each one. There is time for meditation, breathwork, and devotional chanting during this class.

Yoga for the Spine


Everything in the body is connected in some way to the spine. It is like the trunk of a tree: When it is strong and supple, the whole tree is healthy. Improving the function of the spine develops a stable foundation for the entire body. In this class the spine will be emphasized through three means: 

1.  Selecting the right postures.

2.  Adapting the postures for maximum work in the spine.

3.  Using the breath to link the body and mind, to adapt the postures and to teach us the boundaries of steady and comfort in each posture.

All Levels welcome who are interested in improving the function of their spines to my class. Please let the teacher know before class if you have any concerns, injuries or discomfort in any area of your back, neck, or shoulder girdle.

Yoga for Cancer


This program, developed by Jnani Chapman, RN, BSN, CMT, CYT, is for people with cancer, pre, during, and post treatment. It includes breathing techniques, relaxation, mental imagery, conscious use of the mind and imagination, self talk, meditation, and gentle movement through sequences and postures. It is designed to treat the person as an individual and a whole system of body, mind, and spirit. Our community class may also act as a support group, and pull you out of the cocoon that it is so easy to put ourselves in at the time of diagnosis. Learn to love yourself back to life at a time when it feels like your body has betrayed you.

We believe that yoga for cancer should not be limited by the amount of money a person has, with the already overwhelming amount of medical expenses, so this is a donation based class. Please be generous if you can so that we can keep these programs going for those who cannot afford it. $14 donation is recommended.

Yoga for Corporations

Find out more

Find out more here

Supports the individual's work performance, while contributing toward corporate profitability, productivity, company loyalty and customer satisfaction through training individuals to:
• Increase control and concentration of the mind
• Enhance alertness
• Improve stamina and resistance to illness, less sick days
• Decrease stress during the performance of challenging work activities.
• Improve communication, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills

Great for an afternoon stretch or after work hours.

Yoga for Schools

Yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, disruptive behavior, and lack of emotional control in children. The class is designed to benefit both students and teachers. Our school's principle training program is to encourage a calm classroom and stories that enhance the way children listen and work together Our program also includes creative movement, relaxation, reading to improve literacy, and ethics for respecting ourselves and others.

Community Yoga


An intro to yoga class. Come practice for just $5.00 drop in to support Pranayoga Foundation. Ages 9-99 welcome! Enjoy community, a delicious treat, and practice a little yoga too. Meets the 1st Saturday of every month, 3-4pm, Southwest location and the 3rd Saturday of every month, 3-4pm, Downtown location.

Slow Flow


This class is a slower paced Hatha Vinyasa practice that allows for alignment principals and breath synchronized movements. Helps increase strength and flexibility. Perfect for All-Levels and morning practice.



The practice of meditation allows the mind to quiet down and enables your body to get the deep rest it requires to release stress and stay healthy. Any one at any age can learn to meditate and enjoy the benefits. We will practice many different meditation techniques during this class to find the tool that works best for you.

Devotional Chanting

Find this clasS

Devotional Chanting is all about using your voice to cultivate the highest quality mental and emotion experience available to human beings. Your mind and heart follow where your voice sends them. When you repeat mantras ("mind-protectors"), you're pronouncing the very Sound Forms of Perfection. Chanting makes the Supreme--the Best you can imagine--present in the form of your own voice. In so doing, you exchange your ordinary, troubled mind and heart for something higher, more refined, and infinitely more vast. The effects over time include greater peace of mind and emotional fulfillment, a reduction in the unhealthy self-concern that causes you so much suffering, and direct knowledge of the Divine. It's a simple, beautiful, and effective self-help method that will enrich your life and empower you to make a difference in your world.

 Hatha Yoga + Relaxation


This class is a slower paced Hatha(sun/moon) vinyasa practice that allows for alignment principals and breath synchronized movements. Helps increase strength and flexibility. This class includes Yoga Nidra to enhance relaxation.

Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. It is a state of conscious Deep Sleep. In Meditation, you remain in the Waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing thought patterns, emotions, sensations, and images to arise and go on. However, in Yoga Nidra, you leave the Waking state, go past the Dreaming state, and go to Deep Sleep, yet remain awake. While Yoga Nidra is a state that is very relaxing, it is also used by Yogis to purify the Samskaras, the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma.

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga therapy is a healing art of awareness, breath, and movement. Dani McGuire is the only yoga therapist in the area and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Dani has helped numerous students get relief from pain and anxiety. Yoga therapy helps the systems regain balance and vitality. Dani will meet you wherever you are today and using gentle asana, guided imagery, and breathing practice gain relief from pain or illness.

Private Sessions

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Private sessions are ideal for those students wishing to gain personal direction and guidance, deepening their yoga practice with one on one attention from the teacher of their choice.

Most teachers use light music to accompany their classes. Heated or Hot Yoga classes might feature more upbeat or modern music.