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Pranayoga Institute of Yoga and Holistic Health

Discover your strength. Awaken your spirit.

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Pranayoga Fort Wayne Indiana

Our Philosophy

At PranaYoga we honor the essence of yoga, while teaching practical knowledge for living life.


Our company name comes from the Sanskrit word for "breath." It is one of the five organs of vitality of sensation. Breath is our vital life force that sustains body and mind. The breath is something we all receive and share. One Breath. One Life. One Yoga. Everyone is welcome!

The word "Yoga" means union and also comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. The root word means "to yoke." It also means relationship. We are committed to forming a relationship with every one of our students and empowering you to strengthen the relationships within your own life, including the one with yourself.  Yoga is understood to be both, a process and a goal, a means and an end. In the words of A.G. Mohan "whether we want to touch our toes or reach God, there must be movement."


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a FUN and HEALING community of learning the ancient art and science of yoga and ayurveda! Through the most experienced and educated instructors, our intention is one of holistic health. There is a sharing of ancient wisdom and of giving back to the community. Our goal is to meet you where you are, whatever stage of live you are experiencing. Please let us know how we are doing. A portion of our proceeds help support the Pranayoga Foundationwhich helps make yoga available for people with cancer and chronic illness for free.


Joan Borysenko, co-founder with Herbert Benson, MD, of the Mind-Body Clinic at New England Deaconess Hospital, says that the practice of yoga is "aimed at learning to quiet the mind and to direct it." She speaks of the practices as "centering" and asserts that the end result is to increase awareness, honesty, confidence, competence, and love.