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Kara Anderson’s heart for service and community has always led her to see the beauty in everything and every person. She stumbled into her first yoga class in 2010 at Pranayoga, but instantly knew it was much more than just an exercise. She soon began to notice both subtle and dynamic changes in her life and body after diving into a daily practice. After completing her 200 hour RYT with Pranayoga, she carries her love of beauty, breath, and community into each of her classes. Utilizing gentle flows and playful awareness, she brings forth the experience of connecting to the Divine light within each of us.

Teaching: All Levels Yoga, Slow Flow

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CHRisty brames

School Admin,  CYT 200

Christy came to Pranayoga School searching for relief from some of her medical conditions, but found so much more. In addition to relief for her conditions, she has been able to extend her practice into aspects of everyday life – from her relationship with her husband, Charlie, to parenting their three boys, Gavin, Skylar, and Miles. Her desire is to “live yoga” in every part of her life and to continue at Pranayoga through extensive teacher training and more.

Teaching: Prenatal Yoga, Hot Yoga, All Levels Yoga

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Margaret Bronson


Margaret, a women's health pelvic physical therapist, came to the Pranayoga community in order to develop lifelong tools to share with her chronic pelvic pain patients progress following completion of their PT program. Through the journey of obtaining her 200 hr yoga teacher certification at Pranayoga in 2013, she realized the benefits were more inward than she expected: leading her to a deeper personal experience through meditation and quieting the mind. Margaret is very honored to continue her path with the Pranayoga community and share the gifts of yoga with her students. 

Teaching: Sunrise Hatha Yoga, All-Levels




Deborah Connelly


Deborah’s passion for health and fitness is a playful labor of love.  When it began a few years ago, Deborah first flirted with Zumba, CrossFit and running.  Running became a passion.  She fell in love with the running community and began recruiting family and friends, young and old, fit and sedentary – organizing teams of neon runs, Galloping Gobblers and Gingerbread Pursuits.  Deborah’s seemingly inexhaustible reach has extended into her becoming a two time marathon finisher.  While training for the Dublin Marathon in 2013, she turned to restorative yoga for recovery, flexibility and breathing techniques.  And it’s here, that she found so much purpose.


“Yoga is much more than a restorative or physical practice,” said Deborah.  “On the path of yoga, I discovered peace, balance and a deeper connection to my inner self and to others.  I found a need to serve and a need to let go of things that don’t serve me.  I found compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my teachings and to serve others, on or off the mat, and to guide students along their own personal journey to peace and self-awareness.”

Teaching: Yoga for Athletes




ERIN ERB          


Since her love affair with yoga began over a decade ago, Erin felt passionately that every person in the world deserved this sacred practice. Now more than ever, with an RYT 200 certification, she is thrilled to serve others by teaching. As a strong believer in the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga, Erin's goal is for students to take what they learn in class and expand it into their personal practice at home. 

Teaching: Vinyasa Flow, Yoga 101 Workshops




Rachael Eyrich


Rachael's first experience with yoga was after she suffered from a running injury. She began practicing yoga as a way to regain her range of motion and correct the underlying postural imbalances that contributed to the injury. As a result, she felt stronger, faster, and more flexible than before her injury. Due to her experience using yoga as a rehabilitative tool, Rachael advocates cultivating a firm foundation - building your house on a rock.

Strongly influenced by Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga styles, Rachael emphasizes structural alignment to create physical strength and develop fortitude. Rachael received her 200 hour YA Certification through Cityoga School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis, Indiana with Nikki Myers and Marsha Pappas. She also holds a B.A. from Indiana University in Communication and Culture. She and her husband, Chad, live in Fort Wayne with their 4 children.

Teaching: Heated Power Yoga, Hot Yoga





Julia Haller



Julia began practicing yoga in 2007, in an on and off flirtation, before fully committing to the relationship in 2012. She enjoys the physical and mental challenges of yoga, as well as the playful aspects of the practice, and the community behind it all. "The chance to feel the support of the person on the mat next to you even if you're never met is what really draws me to yoga." Julia finds that yoga carries over to daily life, even without being conscious of it. The things that are difficult on the mat are usually indications of areas of life that are out of balance, and can be restored through the practice. Julia loves that yoga does not exclude. "If you can breath, you can practice yoga."

Teaching: Heated All Levels Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Basics, Sattva Vinyasa, Private Yoga Session.





Claudia hedeen


Claudia always loved a good stretch: the muscles, the schedule – just how much can one person fit into a day? Attending her first yoga course in 1996 just continued the stretching. But  the more she delved into the practice, the more was revealed that yoga is the space lacking in the hectic life she created for herself.  Seeking to explore beyond just one branch in the yoga tree brought her to the doors of Pranayoga. Every step revealed the possibilities of incorporating these teachings into the very breath that carries us through the experiences of our lives, however small or overwhelming they may seem. Claudia's message: to find yourself in the jumble - even if we start one class at a time, hoping it will expand and stretch across each aspect of life.

Teaching: Hot Yoga




Amanda Horsewood


Amanda began practicing yoga in 2001 and started teaching in May 2014. For her, yoga is an experience which relaxes the mind, strengthens the body, and enhances the spirit. Amanda feels rejuvenated after every practice. A few of her favorite poses  are trikinasana (triangle pose) and matsyasana (fish pose). 

Amanda is a dental hygienist and also the mother of 3 amazing daughters. She also enjoys gardening, running, biking, and spending time with family and friends. 




 Teaching: All Levels Yoga


amanda Kaminskas

RYT200, Y12SR

Amanda Kaminskas first came to yoga in 1998 for stress relief while working as a paramedic in Chicago. Since then, it has transformed from stress relief to a way of life. Yoga therapy assisted her in her journey of healing and coming off of pain medications. Since, she has desired to use yoga, as well as other healing modalities to aid in the healing journeys of others. She began her first teacher training in ’08, and continued into PranaYoga’s 200 hour program to complete her 200 hour certification. She also has certifications in restorative yoga, yoga for stress, and Y12SR (yoga for 12 step recovery). In addition to her yoga teacher certifications, she has also received training in medicinal aromatherapy and is enrolled in an herbalism mentoring program. She is currently working on her 500 hour certification and plans to continue on to become a certified yoga therapist.

Teaching: Hatha Yoga + Relaxation 



Linda Krebs

RYT 500,E-RYT200, Level 2 Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist, Teacher Trainer

Linda's interest in yoga has been lifelong, however, became her main focus when anxiety overwhelmed her life. She has been teaching since 2006 and has completed over 600 hours of teacher training including Pranayoga's 500 hour program and Healer's Immersion.  Linda is also certified in Relaxation Therapy and has recently completed the Level 2 Medicinal Aromatherapy program with Wisdom of the Earth from Page Springs, AZ.  Her passion for the holistic approach to well-being is what inspires her to continue her studies and mentoring with Vani, as well as other master teachers as she continues on to Yoga Therapy training.  Linda is involved with the 200 hr Teacher Training with Vani and enjoys witnessing the beautiful transformation that occurs through becoming a teacher of this ancient science.


Teaching: Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Teacher Training Assistant




Sabine Lohmar


Sabine's interest in yoga was first cultivated by a desire to achieve flexibility and strength; however, she realized after the first class she took at Pranayoga that the practice of yoga is so much more than merely reaching a physical goal. Benefitting her flexibility and health, yoga has in fact changed her, but more importantly, it has affected her mentally. Focusing on the breath and sitting in meditation, each day she uses the practice of yoga to help stay in the present moment and live life as fully as possible. After discovering this passion for yoga, Sabine received her RYT 200 certification and is ecstatic to be able to share this practice with others. She has a strong desire to help those around her and as a teacher she wants to fully support students as they move through their practices.

Teaching: All Levels Infrared Hot Yoga



Lindsey Maksim


Lindsey has been a dedicated yoga student since 2005 after searching for a way to find balance and peace within her life. Through her journey, she has been able to explore her inner self and has found courage, light and a deeper connection to her entire being. In 2009, she completed her 200 hr RYT through Prairie Yoga. She is very grateful for the opportunity to share her teachings and guide her students along their own personal journeys of peace, light and self-awareness. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saint Francis with a dual concentration in history and sociology. She thanks her teachers and her inspiring grandmothers for their constant wisdom, guidance, love and support.

Teaching: Vinyasa Flow and Candlight Vinyasa




Tammy Maroney


Tammy's lifelong love for being active, healthy and fit brought her to yoga. She has always been a runner but wanted more for her mind and flexibility for her body. She started with Vinyasa Yoga and Core Synergy and loved the benefits so much that when she was asked to teach Core Synergy she knew she had to share her love of the class with others.

Tammy has a strong following as an instructor as she is an inspiration to others in helping them achieve their goals. She loves that Core Synergy gives your whole body a complete workout, clears your mind and makes your body stronger, leaner and toned.

As a NETA Certified Pilates instructor in mat pilates, Tammy now also offers mat pilates classes as well. She says the beauty of pilates is it is low impact with high results! She invites you to come join in the fun.

Teaching: Core Synergy Fitness Classes-PranaYoga Southwest



Chris McGuire


Chris was introduced to yoga over a decade ago by his then girlfriend, Dani. Practicing Kundalini, and more often, the Power Yoga styles of the Kest brothers with some inconsistent regularity, Chris developed a foundation for a slow growing interest that turned into a passion in the years to come. It wasn’t until the recurring pain of an auto-collision related back injury led Chris to his mat. In an attempt to repair what several chiropractors and physical therapists could not, he began to see the overwhelming health benefits of the asana practice. The healing of his back, witnessing the transformation in Dani’s life through her teacher training, and studying the yogic philosophy solidified fascination, passion, and gratitude for this ancient art. Completing the 200 Hour Certification with Pranayoga School of Yoga and Health, under the guidance of his lifelong guru Dani “Vani” McGuire, Chris is thrilled to have received training that stems from the Prana Flow lineage of Shiva Rea. He continues to receive Prana Flow training through Vani, his wife and mentor. Chris's classes embrace yogic philosophies and pertinent sacred scripture, vedic and original stories into the class; as means to nurture and fully engage the physical body while    addressing the spiritual being as well. Carry it off the mat and into the world. 

Teaching: Men's Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga + Thai Massage, Private Yoga 



Dani McGuire

Founder, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist, Prana Flow Teacher,E-RYT500, IAYT

Dani "Vani" has practiced yoga for 15 years, beginning with Iyengar and currently having studied Integral, Yoga Therapy, Prana Flow, and many more schools that inspire her own unique style of teaching, which focuses on initiation of the present moment, ayurveda, creativity, intuition, energetic vinyasa, and pure nurture.

Dani believes that when the student is ready the teacher appears, and has found this to be true both in her experience as a teacher and a student.

Dani received her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification through Cityoga School of Yoga and Health and her 500 Hour certification with teachers Marsh Pappas and Nikki Myers, and in the art of Prana Flow, her 300 hours with Shiva Rea.

Dani is also dedicated to teaching yoga to people with cancer and chronic pain. She is a Yoga Therapist and is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Her teacher and mentor is Jnani Chapman and she has received her certification through Integral Yoga Academy. Her goal is to make these services available to everyone living with cancer, regardless of their income. Find out more about Dani HERE and the Pranayoga Foundation HERE.

Teaching: Prana Flow™Vinyasa, Sattva Vinyasa, All-Levels Yoga, Teacher Trainings, Private Yoga, Ayurveda Counsultations, Yoga Therapy


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hannah mcwilliams


After Hannah's first yoga class almost 10 years ago, she knew that yoga would play a huge role in her life. She practiced off and on until the summer of 2014 when she committed to chasing her dream of serving others by first healing herself through yoga and then taking the 200hr teacher training at Pranayoga Institute of Yoga and Health. Now, Hannah can't get enough of the bliss she finds through her yoga practice and sharing it with others.

Hannah hopes to continue on to earn her prenatal certificate and embark on the Pranayoga 500 hour teacher training path and so much more as she ventures on in her own evolution.

Teaching: Community Yoga


Tara Nehls


Tara has enjoyed practicing yoga for almost 10 years. What began as something new to try, turned into something wonderful to share with the world. Tara teaches Prenatal, Kids, and Chair Yoga. She has completed yoga teacher training with YogaFit and Healthways Systems, as well as, earned her M.Ed. and B.S. in Education. She works full-time as an elementary school art teacher. Tara's most important and gratifying job is being a mom! She has the most beautiful daughter, Amelia, who is the love of her life and a light to the world, and she is expecting her second little one soon! "Yoga has brought me great peace and stability to my life. I am blessed to share this with others, especially my own children."

Teaching: Kids Yoga, Prenatal Yoga


Mary Newell

RYT200, Enhance Fitness Certified, ACSM Certified Fitness Professional

Mary first began studying yoga in 1994. Since then she has completed over 200hrs of Master instruction. Her practice evolves and changes daily. She firmly believes that continuity is the secret to success.

Mary’s classes include asana practice incorporating techniques from various styles such as vinyasa, yin-yang, ashtanga and restorative. Pranayama, meditation and reflection are interwoven so that each class tells a story.  Students leave class in the calm balanced state helpful for dealing with life’s ups and downs. Mary enjoys spreading her love of yoga to others. She has taught students ranging from age 2 to 92.

In 2009 Mary received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification through Prairie Yoga.  That same year she completed EnhanceFitness training and became a certified instructor for the aging and elderly. Since 1999 she has been a Certified Health Fitness Instructor through American College of Sports Medicine. Mary also holds a B.S. from Indiana University 

Teaching: Power Yoga, All Levels Yoga, Yoga Basics



Jenn nichols 


Jenn’s love of yoga began 18 years ago after a back injury left her unable to dance any longer.  Not finding the back relief she needed from Western conventions, she happened upon a yoga tape of Ali Macgraw – YogaMindBody with Erich Schiffman and never looked back.

Jenn’s style of teaching has been influenced from many styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Yin and Hatha.  In 2003, she took her first 200hr Yoga Alliance certification through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis to go deeper into her own practice and in 2012, received her second 200hr Yoga Alliance certificate through Pranayoga School of Yoga and Health.  She feels very blessed and honored to have studied with many master yoga teachers including Doug Swenson, the late Larry Schultz, Cyndi Lee, Dharma Mittra, Giselle Mari, John Salisbury, Dave Romanelli, Phil Askew and Simon Park in addition to her present and past teachers Vani McGuire, Tanya Bogeinzahn Sowards and many others. By day, Jenn dones high heels and works in the corporate world as a Business Analyst for Lincoln Financial Group and by night, moonlights as a yoga student, teacher and Holistic Health Coach.  In addition to her Yoga Alliance Certification, Jenn holds a BS in Dietetics and her Holistic Health Coach certificate through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She draws her high energy and humor for her classes through a combination of her son who continues to enlighten and humble her every day and her love of people and this life of which we are all a part.

Teaching: Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Mix, Ashtanga 101



Amber Pape 

Amber pape 


Amber is 200 hour yoga certified through Pranayoga. She also has a B.S. from Indiana University in Apparel Merchandising. With extensive experience in sustainable retail, her focus now is in holistic wellness education and services.

Amber has been practicing yoga for 10 years, studying with several master teachers from across the country. She taught a variety of Hatha yoga classes at 5th Street Yoga in Columbus, IN last year and is excited to back hOMe in the Prana community! Throughout life's ups and downs, my yoga mat has always been the greatest source healing. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than sharing my passion for yoga and holistic health.
We often take care of ourselves from the outside-in, but we should really be taking care of ourselves from the inside-out and through yoga this starts with the breath. Amber uses pranayama and smooth beats to link postures into a very fluid moving flow. 

 Teaching: Kids Yoga, Vinyasa Flow



Lindsy shipley-hall


Lindsy has always had a deep hearted interest in spiritual and physical healing. After undergoing many surgeries and years of putting her trust in modern medicine, she knew it was time for a conscious change.  She was introduced to Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga in 2009. She completed yoga teacher training at Pranayoga in October of 2012. Within the past ten years Lindsy has studied Fine Arts, and Massage Therapy.  As a child she was exposed to many forms of healing as her mother explored her own path of healing. Lindsy loves the power of oils, massage, herbs, flower drops, rock and crystal therapy, art and music therapy, resonance re-patterning, shamanism, and reike. These are a few areas she has embraced in the process of transformation, and continues to use as a part of her yoga practice. She is open to all forms of healing, and beliefs, especially those that result in peace and provide truth and light. Lindsy appreciates the language of quantum physics, and the nature of mother earth. She has now begun an exploration into the Sanskrit language. Lindsy is a full time artist, yogi, mother of three, teacher, writer, healer, sister, daughter, student, wife, and friend. She chooses to pioneer forward through all angles of vision and carry on. May she be your mirror of compassion, creativity, and friendship!"We have different roles in our lives guided by one soul. Embrace transformation."-Lindsy Hall 

Teaching: Slow Flow, Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga


Nicole skelton

RYT200, Yogastrology-inspired

With a life-long interest in the mind-body-spirit connection, Nicole realized her     passion for teaching self awareness by following her heart into a 200 hr teacher training at Pranayoga in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From elemental yoga to the expanding fields of metaphysics and astrology, Nicole has developed a breadth of experience, resulting in a Yogastrology-Inspired teaching style with pioneer Diane Booth Gilliam in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a yoga teacher, Nicole reveals the subtle, esoteric concepts of yoga through a combination of alignment based on sacred geometry, meditation, visualization and pranayama. Tailored to the individual, her classes often include elements of meditative movement, sun and moon attunement (as presented by Diane Booth Gilliam's Yogastrology out of SanFrancisco), intention setting and gentle yet strong yoga. Nicole deconstructs poses down to their elemental and restorative design with influences from tantra and Tibetan traditions from her time as a teacher at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana.

Nicole is a certified Yogastrology®-Inspired teacher, also trained in Shambala Meditation, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga with a RYT 200 hr from Pranayoga School of Yoga and Holistic Health. 

Teaching: Slow Flow, All Levels Yoga, Yogastrology Inspired



Janice schmidt

RYT200, BSN, Manager, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

Janice's introduction to yoga was watching "Lilias, Yoga and You" on PBS in the 1970s, followed by sporadic use of Yoga Journal VHS tapes with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee. After many years of suffering with fibromyalgia, she started a regular practice with Dani McGuire and was amazed at the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation that occurred in her body. This experience has drawn her into in-depth study of both Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda at Pranayoga Institute. She completed the 200 hour level teacher training in 2012 and will achieve 500 hour and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certifications in 2015. Janice is most grateful to her teachers Dani McGuire, James Bailey, Anita Theart, Kenny Graham, David Romanelli, Marcia Pappas, Nianna Bray and Melissa Blacker for sharing their wisdom with her so she can pass it along to other seekers.

When not on the mat, she enjoys knitting while contemplating the Shtira and Sukha of wool and other fibers.

Teaching: All Levels, Ayurveda Wellness Counseling




Stella Snyder

RYT200, MS

Stella is YCAT trained by Jnani Chapman through her program for cancer and chronic illness.  She hold a master's degree in biology and enjoys exploring the healing benefits of yoga in light of her studies in anatomy and endocrinology.  She sees yoga therapy as described by Desikachar, "Awareness, breath, and movement.  That is yoga."  She started her yoga practice with a Groupon from her mother, and was drawn deeper into the practice when she saw how much yoga heals.  

Teaching: Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Pain




Haley Sonnigsen

Haley Sonnigsen 

Director of Pre and Post

Natal Wellness


Haley Sonnigsen, Childbirth Educator, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and RYT-200 is dedicated to preserving woman’s right to a healthy and empowering birthing experience based on her innate ability to give birth. Every woman deserves to have a loving, nurturing, and supported birth environment based on her own needs and desires. Haley weaves ancient yogic traditions with modern scientific evidence to ensure
each woman is supported with both tools and practical information to support her in her motherhood.
“Because women have always been the guardians of life’s wholesome practices, when we strengthen our health and spiritual power, we also strengthen the health and wisdom of the men, children, and communities around us.” –Bri. Maya Tiwari

Teaching: Heated All Levels Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Hot Yoga







KIM STANLEY 200 RYTAfter 11 years as a student, Kim finds the most beautiful thing about yoga is its adaptability to everyone.  No matter your age, physical ability or state of mind, you can take a class and find peace every single time; it is  the only sure thing in this life.  Kim completed her 200 hour teaching certification from Pranayoga School of Yoga and Holistic health in 2013, and looks forward to continuing to learn about this amazing 5,000 year-old practice.  She has a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and lives in Fort Wayne with her husband and two children. Learn more about Kim Here.

Teaching: Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, All Levels Yoga






Kim Stanley






She loves both the athletic aspects and the more subtle work with prana or life force energy. For her yoga was never simply a physical practice but a form of creative expression and sacred healing. Her style combines alignment, slow flow vinyasa and tantric elements. Her goal is to integrate poses, breath and guided meditation in an organic whole.

She has studied with master teachers, Rod Stryker (ParaYoga), Desiree Rumbaugh & Todd Norian, (Anusara) Gabriel Halphren & Manouso Manos, (Iyengar), Seane Corn (Vinyasa), Lilas Folan and others. A lifelong student, in 2009, she received her 200 hr RYT through Prairie Yoga. She thanks her mentors Tricia Fiske and Joanne Snow for guiding her teaching practice. And she is grateful for her family’s support and the life she shares with her husband Marc and daughters Adrienne and Sophie.

Teaching: All Levels Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Heated All Levels





anita theart

RYT500, Viniyoga™

Anita Theart, RYT 500, Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer and mother of two is a dedicated student and teacher of Yoga. She started her yoga studies at CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis where she completed her 200 hour teacher certification. In 2010 she co-founded Beatree Yoga studio in Richmond Indiana  and went on to more advanced study with the premier American Viniyoga teacher, Gary Kraftsow, director of the American Viniyoga Institute in California where she completed her 500 hour teacher training in the Viniyoga Foundations Program for Teaching and Yoga Therapy.  She has a deep respect for the ancient teachings of this practice and is inspired to transfer these teachings with the highest possible integrity.

Teaching: Yoga for the Spine, Pranayama Workshops




Colleen towner


Colleen's yoga journey began when she accidentaly walked into a yoga class at a gym in 1998, and participated so as not to be rude. At the time, she worked as a fitness instructor/personal trainer and preferred the high intensity, "no pain, no gain" approach to exercise, but the poses were challenging enough to bring her back to the class, and the pain she encountered in calming the mind and learning to relax provided life-changing results. As a former high school science teacher, her experience in education led her to pursue yoga certification if only to learn more. As her knowledge and passion grew, she began sharing her practice with those around her, and has now been teaching for twelve years.

"My practice permeates my entire life. Whether it's balancing the schedules of my  four children, breathing through pain and stress, or consciously extending out of my comfort zone, I'm always doing yoga...on and off the mat."

Studying the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga also led Colleen to choose a vegan lifestyle. You can read more about this at

                                         Teaching: Infared Hot Yoga  

VIEW Colleen'S SCHEDULE            

LEA Ilse


Lea has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She was shanghaied into teaching in   her second year of practice, she lacked training and experience, but the gift of teaching sparked the fire of yoga within her. Since then, she has trained with many inspired teachers from such diverse schools of yoga as Kundalini, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, Anusara, Tri Yoga and Tibetan Heart. Two years ago she met her beloved teacher, Michael Johnson. It was through him she received intensive training and earned a 200 hour certificate and completed a 500 hour yoga certification. Lea is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage through Lotus Palm.

Lea's classes include mantra, pranayama, asana, dharma and savasana. Her classes are influenced by Tibetan Heart yoga/meditation with an emphasis on posture and the movement of prana.

Teaching: Tibetan Heart-inspired Yoga


Chelsea Vona

RYT 200

Chelsea is an entergetic fun-loving woman who has an undying passion for yoga. She has a deep appreciation for nature and shares that affection with her fiancé, Ben, and their dog Cali. Throughout her practice she has learned to really love who she is and believes everyone can find that acceptance with the help of yoga. Her focus is to find holistic wellness and to take her practice off the mat by bringing the philosophy of yoga to all. 




Maddi Vonderau


Maddi is a total holistic health junkie and when she finally came to yoga, it was like finally coming home. She was looking for a place to escape from the stress of a demanding job and social life, but what she found was so much more--compassion, forgiveness, and a spiritual connection. One of the things she loves most about yoga is the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth it inspires in each person. We walk in looking for a physical workout and leave with so much more. It was inevitable to her that she needed to be able to share yoga with others and so she was called to become a teacher. 

Teaching: Community Yoga




Jenny started yoga for her daughter in 2010 but stayed for herself. This is when powerful healing began to transform her body, mind, and spirit, not necessarily in that order. Through a regular asana and sitting practice, studying with phenomenal teachers and soaking in the love of the beautiful yoga community, she has begun to discover a quieter mind. She became RYT 200 certified through Prana School of Yoga and Health in 2012 to deepen her own practice and to share the gift of yoga with others. As a teacher, she sees each student as beautiful. She strives to create a supportive environment in which each student can safely experiment in uncovering the beauty and joy that reside within the heart of each of us.

Teaching: Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation 101 Workshops, All Levels Yoga, Yoga for Women, Yoga 101 Workshops, Meditation, Movement, and Mantra for Healing and Grieving Workshops, Midday Meditation