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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a way of transforming both the body and mind. Sattva Yoga therapy practices range from maintaining health to recovering health and can be used at any stage of disease or healing. Yoga Therapy can be used even during treatments and for post-op recovery, as well as a complementary mind-body therapy for long-term chronic illnesses and mental health conditions.

The difference between traditional yoga and yoga therapy is that traditional yoga teaches healthy individuals a specific style of yoga and postures with modifications, while yoga therapy is client empowering with evidence-based practices to give relief from suffering, pain management, chronic illness, and disease.

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Become A Yoga Therapist

Pranayoga offers a more comprehensive approach than most yoga therapy programs. Our program is infused with Ayurveda wisdom and over 13 years of clinical experience in yoga therapy.

Pranayoga's 1000 Hour IATY Accredited Sattva® Yoga Therapy Diploma Program is offered to those interested in authentic study of yoga and Ayurveda for the modern person, with mentors every step of the way for professional mastery and healing self-study.

Now available in a hybrid learning format: Join us online or in person.