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Professional Mastery in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda

Becoming a yoga therapist is a calling and an unforgettable insightful journey. At Pranayoga Institute, we thrive in cultivating that journey for our students who enroll in our authentic and comprehensive 1000 Hour Sattva Yoga Therapy Program.

Our Training Programs are for 200-hour certified yoga teachers or health professionals wanting to apply the teachings of yoga therapy and Ayurveda for client empowerment and holistic healing.

Sattva Yoga Therapy has proudly been an accredited program of IAYT since 2016 and is built on the foundation of the core principle of ahimsa(love). Love and compassion are what lead our mission for meeting students where they are with transformational mentoring and professional mastery in yoga therapy. Our teachings are rooted in the traditions of Hatha, Ayurveda, and Tantra Yoga.

Students of our 1000-Hour Sattva Yoga Therapy Program commit to a three-year immersive learning experience, taking place over two to three-day weekends. The teaching provided by our faculty is intimate and cohesive, as every faculty member has graduated from our program. Sattva meaning balance and discernment is a core component of Sattva Yoga Therapy. We have developed this program to be digestible and accessible to householders and healthcare professionals with busy lifestyles, who are passionate about the field of yoga therapy.

What makes our program unique is incorporating Ayurveda and therapeutic relationships with trauma-sensitive approaches. These qualities are embedded into yoga anatomy, pathophysiology, psychology, and biomedical science. With this knowledge in your toolkit, you’ll be equipped to provide a superior level of yoga therapy to your clients.

Our amazing faculty members spend a great deal of time reviewing students’ completed assignments and scheduling mentoring sessions, so they receive invaluable personalized support and attention every step of the way. The homework and intimate mentoring provided allow students to develop their own deep thinking and embodiment of yoga therapy. This, along with the extensive clinical practice, provides professional mastery in yoga therapy as a stand-alone wellness profession.

Beyond our Sattva Yoga 1,000 Hour Therapy Program, Pranayoga Institute also offers Advanced Professional Development courses at our training institute if you’re looking to build upon or sharpen your yoga therapy skills.

Our faculty members don’t just teach yoga therapy, we have first-hand experience of how it has transformed our lives. As the founder of Sattva Yoga Therapy, I have documented my personal progress through yoga therapies that helped me heal eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, in our book The Path of Joyful Living: Cultivating Mindful Action Through Yoga. Roxie Sweikar states, “From my perspective as a graduate and now faculty member, the consistency and culture of the sattva yoga therapy environment, with all of the teachers living these practices, offers a continual process for personal growth in the field and in our personal lives.”

Our Sattva Yoga Therapists compassionately share space for transformative therapeutic relationships, while upholding professional mastery by utilizing traditional Ayurveda and yoga as whole-person healing. We look forward to walking with you as you honor your calling and become a yoga therapist.

As a yoga therapist, you can:

  • Join The rising field of Integrative Care

  • Prevent Burnout from teaching group classes.

  • Nourish yourself while embarking on the exciting journey of ancient wisdom meets modern science.

IATY Accredited Program

Pranayoga's 1000 Hour IATY Accredited Sattva® Yoga Therapy Diploma Program is offered to those interested in merging the sister sciences of yoga therapy and Ayurveda in a healing environment with mentors every step of the way.

Completing the requirements of the 1000 Hour Sattva® Yoga Therapy Diploma Program will allow you to:

  • See private clients as a yoga therapist
  • Earn additional income and experience as a professional yoga therapist
  • Conduct adaptive group classes for special populations
  • Confidently work in collaboration with other health care professionals and medical settings.
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