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10329 Illinois Rd • Fort Wayne, IN 46814

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Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Yoga 101
Fridays 4/25-5/23, 5:30pm 
Jenny Young  

Community Day-$5 Yoga Basics Class
   April 26th, 3pm 
Sabine Lohmar
New Moon Woman's Cirlce
April 30th 7:30pm
Jenny Young

Community Day-$5 Yoga Basics Class
   May 3rd, 3pm 
Haley Sonnigsen

Yoga 201: Beyond Beginner Series
Sundays 5/4-6/15, 5:30pm 
Awakening Shakti: A workshop for all woman
May 17th, 2pm 
Tina Tazian 

Sacred Masculine: The Male Yoga Journey
   May 18th, 7:30pm 
 Steve Vachon, Chris McGuire & Kole Christen 

Prana Flow+Live Music Featuring Jim Gelcer & Donald Quan
   May 19th, 6:30pm 
Steadfast and True Flow, Invert, and Fly!
   May 30th and 31st 
Gillian St. Clair & Brent Coleman