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Monthly Theme: Flow

Our theme this month is Flow. As I sit down to introduce our theme, I am experiencing a bit of writer’s block. This is no surprise since I am sitting to write about flow, a contradiction in my own life lately. I have been connecting more to the discord in our society than the JOY of being.

I feel the tension of fear surrounding certain parts of my physical body and my thoughts are more like choppy waves on the surface rather than a refreshing dive into the calm waters...

Pranayoga has inspired so many and has shown many people the light that resides in them. I thank you for doing the same in my life. I am very excited to see the future that unfolds in all of our lives. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Prana’s. I look forward to seeing them intertwine even more.

Kole B.

The six sessions of Yoga therapy I spent with Dani were such a help to me as she promptly assessed my need to develop a restorative practice instead of what I had come up with . Of course it was exactly what I needed for my body and mind. Dani shared both structural and organ level benefits of each part of the practice . I loved getting the written summaries of our sessions each week so I could practice in between and as references going forward . Taking Yoga Therapy from Dani was a joyful , meaningful , useful and lovely experience.