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Pranayoga has inspired so many people ! I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Prana’s !

Kole B.

The six sessions of Yoga therapy I spent with Dani were such a help to me! Taking Yoga Therapy was a joyful , meaningful , useful and lovely experience.


I am a trauma-based licensed marriage and family therapist and advanced practice certified adult psychiatric clinical nurse specialist. I have referred individual clients into the yoga therapy programming with Pranayoga where Dani has administrated and delivered yoga therapy services.

Dr. Dave Johnson

Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana has enjoyed an ongoing partnership with Pranayoga for several years. The healing power of yoga has been seen by our clients who report having more energy, less treatment side effects and help with reducing pain.


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  • Connection

  • Safe guidance and props

  • Relaxation with aromatherapy

  • Soothing music

  • Tea bar

  • Calming space

Self Love
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What is Self-Love?

True self-love comes from a place of connection and love to all sentient beings. This means that self-love begins with kindness, gentleness, and non-violence. The word for non-violence is Áhimsa, in Sanskrit. Some questions we may want to reflect on are: What is it like to really love and be loved? What is it like to live our lives with true gentleness and respect for all living things?