Daily Inspiration: Dive into the source of laughter. Pure Joy. Full of Wonder.

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Our December theme is miracles. A miracle is something amazing that may or may not be able to be explained by scientific law. I had a dream one night that I was flying through space at light speed and I was trying to use my intellect to steer me in the right direction, when a voice exclaimed. “There are more than five senses!” In my dream I realized I needed to relax and trust instead of try. Our very body is like this miraculous event. Our heart propels blood 12,000 miles through our body every day and we don’t have to think about it. We simply trust.

What images does the word MIRACLE conjure up for you? Do you feel anything somatically, in your body?

I think of a miracle as anything that causes us a sense of awe. The miracle many of us may ponder is the birth of a baby.

What about the little miracles that happen every day but take just as long, or longer, than a pregnancy. Have you ever accomplished something that you didn’t think was possible? For example everything aligned for you in the precise way that led you to where you are. AMAZING!

Our very community is a miracle to me. Our current location was never supposed to exist. When I brought my vision and proposal I was told there was no way that could be done, impossible. They were certain, and so I let go and was content with our smaller space, but never stopped dreaming of what could be. Then during the pandemic, a difficult time for many small business owners, we were surprised to find that everything was coming together and we would have our new space for our teacher training. It turned out exactly as I had imagined during my daily walks past the building, which was always special to me as it was at one time a Bible College in the neighborhood I grew up in.

Other miracles happen every day. Bodies heal. Relationships mend. Friendships are formed.

Start by imagining your morning. Do you wake up and turn on the news or check social media or email? Or do or can you lay your hands over your heart, take 5 deep breaths and be grateful for where you are.

Don’t be afraid to call your blessings what they are. You may think of them more like happy accidents. For this month practice embracing all the beauty taking place within and all around you, and see what happens!

Are miracles the way of the eternal optimist? I know that some of us are going through really difficult times right now. What do we do in the overwhelm of unwelcome events and uncertainty? Do whatever you can. Pray, meditate, sing, grieve, ask for help. Keeping our hearts open and asking for help during times of darkness are some of the most courageous actions we can take. When I started writing this I looked up definitions for miracles. One said it was a “welcomed” event. I don’t believe that miracles are always welcomed. What if we can be grateful for even the tough times? Our tough times can connect us to others, search for greater meaning, or rely on God. Maybe this is the miracle of being human. Knowing we are not alone in our suffering.

Look for miracles in others' lives. If you are having a hard time imagining or receiving your own miracles, share in the miracles of others. Listen to inspiring stories of others who have overcome extraordinary challenges and share in their miracles.

Trust that there is more than the five senses.

Have faith and keep dreaming, even if you cannot see “how” something could possibly occur.

Be grateful for the small things that you may be overlooking.

Love and Miracles,