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Ayurveda for Women's Health


Based on Ayurvedic wisdom, this module has been designed to give you the why, how and the motivation to create positive life habits for your better health. By looking at women’s health through the lens of Ayurveda you can learn how to notice imbalances before symptoms take a hold. How to bring your natural rhythms back when imbalance occurs.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:


· How to balance women’s bodies with Ayurveda

· How stress sabotages hormonal balance.

· How to create balance NOW for a smooth transition through menopause

· How to alleviate and prevent hormonal related conditions: painful cycles, hot flashes, heavy bleeding or skipped cycles, brain fog, insomnia, endometriosis, osteoporosis, and thyroid imbalances.

· How to stay strong and age well in our bones, breasts, thyroids, and minds.


· Ancient wisdom for modern times – how to bring Ayurveda into your daily life.


· Practices for creating good digestion, metabolic health and hormonal balance.


· Stress and imbalance in a woman’s cycle and how that shows up in sleep and daily life.

Required reading: The Path of Practice by Maya Tiwari.

Materials: standard yoga props (2 blocks, 2 blankets (or 1 blanket and 1 bolster), and strap).

Course Completion Requirements: . Attending and participating in the course module (or completing makeup assignments given by the teacher). Create 10-day self-care protocol based around women’s health and hormonal imbalances due to stress (if a woman), Men create a self-care protocol based on the 10 mother principles. Script or journal about the results of the practice. Place homework in dropbox for mentor to review within 2 weeks of course.

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Dani McGuire
Founder, Creator Sattva Vinyasa and Sattva Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Yoga Therapist, Prana Vinyasa 500

Dani “Vani” founder of pranayoga and the method of Sattva Vinyasa Yoga Therapy has practiced yoga for over 22 years and practiced yoga therapy since 2007. Her journey began as she was healing from an eating disorder and chronic pain. Learning Yoga and Ayurveda has helped her in healing and she wants to share this with others through yoga therapy, ayurveda wellness counseling, and her book.

Dani is author of The Path of Joyful Living a modern day approach to kriya yoga and the psychology of yoga. She is also dedicated to teaching yoga to people with cancer and chronic pain. She is a Yoga Therapist registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists(IAYT) which has also accredited PranaYoga Institute in their 1000 hour yoga therapy diploma.

Yoga is moment to moment right action, Love that unifies. Dani’s goal is to bring a healing agenda-less space to anyone wanting to learn yoga and share with others.