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Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (100 Hour)

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The objective of the Pranayoga Institute’s Ayurveda and Yoga 100 Hour Certification Course is to provide the alchemical union of infusing Ayurveda into the wisdom of a holistic yoga practice. This program is for those seeking to integrate a living Ayurveda into their lives and wanting the traditional approach to holistic healing.

This program is open to anyone wanting to learn more about yoga and Ayurveda and provides health professionals as well as yoga teachers with additional skills to apply appropriate yoga teachings and techniques to the individuals they are working with.


  • Constitutional (prakriti) and conditional (vikriti) dosha assessment
  • ayurvedic nutritional therapy
  • cleanse management
  • Ayurvedic use of herbs and spices
  • Rasayana therapies
  • lifestyle counseling
  • assessment tools
  • ayurveda as used in asana practice
  • ayurveda in women’s health
  • ayurveda for psycho-spiritual growth
  • therapeutic relationships