Chair Therapeutics 2

Chair Therapeutics (July)

July 20-21


Lunch: 12:30-2pm

Chair Therapeutics 2

Chair Therapeutics

Learn how to adapt yoga to people in special populations. This chair-based asana class focuses on gaining capacity for well-developed skill to be able to execute and communicate a therapeutic group class for special populations. We will address dynamics of the group class/relationships, and methods to adapt to different styles of learning and coping.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:


· How to demonstrate your ability to set up a group class environment and how to adapt to special populations.

· Communication skills, presence and non-directive dialogue.

· The subtle dynamics inherent to the professional and the therapeutic relationship.

· How to give feedback to others conducting adaptive group classes.

· How to transmit the benefits and values of the practice (and body awareness) to the group, making it a valuable experience for all.


· How to adapt, adjust and evolve the group class environment.

· How to conduct and design an adaptive class.


· Therapeutic relationships in a group setting.


· Providing yoga therapy in groups vs. individual sessions.

Required reading: Exercises for joints and glands by Swami Rama.

Materials to bring: chair, bolster, blanket, 2 blocks.

Course Completion Requirements: Attending and participating in the course module (or completing makeup assignments given by the teacher). Plan and demonstrate an adaptive chair class from beginning to end (done in class). Observe 3 additional adaptive classes filling out adaptive observation sheets.

*Page numbers given in lecture might not match up with the numbers in your source material if you are taking this course asynchronous