Is 200 hour Teacher Training Calling You?


Free Community Class and Info Session

February 25

11:00am -12:00pm


You are invited to join our community in this Free introductory yoga class, and info session about Pranayoga Community. Pranayoga community's mission is healing through yoga therapy and ayurveda. All teachers strive to meet you where you are on your wellness journey. Our styles are trauma-informed, therapeutic and seasonally adapted to reduce stress and increase well-being. All are welcome to experience our therapeutic approach to healing movement through yoga. Dress in comfortable clothing. We have all the props needed, but bringing your own yoga mat is recommended!

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Kelli Bryant

Kelli began her yoga journey in the Summer of 2016 after finding herself at a crossroads in life where her current lifestyle wasn’t serving her any longer. Working in the executive level of a corporation led to a life of stress, anxiety, and depression. Soon unhealthy coping mechanisms became a part of the every day routine, which made the ailments of life even more difficult to cope with. Trying to find the right path to “fix” herself led to seeking many sorts of treatment and therapy, but the growth was only ever temporary. Yoga became that missing pillar to keep positive growth a lifelong journey. It didn’t take long to realize that yoga wasn’t just a daily hobby, but also where her career was meant to be.

When you don’t see Kelli teaching a class, you will likely see her behind the front desk, where she serves as the Accounts Manager for Pranayoga.

She has a passion for helping others find their path in the world by using yoga as a tool to help them heal and grow. Whether it is through recovery from mental illness, addiction, or just trying to live life as their true self, she is eager to share with others her experience and yoga to help others recover as well. She has hopes to continue her training in the future. “It is important for me to share with my students that yoga isn’t just time spent on the mat, but the mat is where we train and practice a new set of skills that we can take with us off the mat and out into the world to help us through our every day stressors and anxieties.”

When she is not behind the desk or on the mat at Prana, you can find her with her 2 children, playing, learning, and exploring.