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Structural Yoga Therapy

May 17-19

Lunch 12:30-2:00pm

Bwq6 Zas1


Principles: Sattva Yoga Therapy Modules (Yoga Therapist)

Structural Yoga Therapy


Gain Skills for working individually with Students and be able to adapt and demonstrate the ability to transmit body awareness strategies, biomechanics, and healthy movement to regain support and ease of movement, using asana, pranayama, and relaxation. We will look at the structural yoga therapy of the spine, and dysfunction and treatment of structural imbalances.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:


· Biomechanics and movement as they relate to the practice of yoga therapy.

· In depth knowledge of contraindications of yoga practices for certain conditions and circumstances.

· How to apply knowledge of pacification, purification and strengthening strategies.


· Inventory assessment during a structural yoga therapy session. Moving from essence to experience.


· A body reading session and how this helps develop the witness of a yoga therapist.


· Mula Breath. How is it used in structural yoga therapy?

Required reading: Structural Yoga Therapy by Stiles.

Materials to bring: standard yoga props (2 blocks, 2 blankets (or 1 blanket and 1 bolster), and strap), Stretching Without Pain by Paul Blakely and Structural Yoga Therapy by Stiles.

Course Completion Requirements: Attending and participating in the course module (or completing makeup assignments given by the teacher). Create a therapeutic movement protocols for one of your cohort addressing any underlying issues they had with ROM, strength or habitual tension assessment and provide them a 20 minute structural yoga therapy session. Check in with mentor within 2 weeks.

*Page numbers given in lecture might not match up with the numbers in your source material if you are taking this course asynchronous

If course is taken à la carte as an elective or for continuing education:

-1 year access to course materials

-1 month of email mentoring and homework review is included.

*Course/Email Mentoring extensions can be purchased at the rate of $55/mo here.

*60-minute in-person or virtual mentoring sessions can be purchased at the rate or $99 here.

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Jenny "Sevika" Young

Jenny started yoga for her daughter in 2010 but stayed for herself. This is when powerful healing began to transform her body, mind, and spirit, not necessarily in that order. Through a regular asana and sitting practice, studying with phenomenal teachers and soaking in the love of the beautiful yoga community, she has begun to discover a quieter mind. She became RYT 200 certified through Prana School of Yoga and Health in 2012 as well as Thai Massage from Thai Body Work in 2012. She became ERYT 500 certified in 2015, and a Certified International Yoga Therapist in 2017. As a teacher, she sees each student as whole. She strives to create a supportive environment in which each student can safely experiment in uncovering the beauty and joy that reside within the heart of each of us. This support can include traditional yoga therapy, massage therapy, and a synergistic blend of the two. She is a perpetual student and is furthering her yogic and massage studies on the pelvic floor and myofascial release.