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Yoga 101: Holistic Yoga Series for Beginners

January 9-30


$140 ($35 per 75 minute class)

Are you interested in learning yoga but not sure where to begin? You may have been recommended to try yoga by your doctor or therapist. Pranayoga's holistic approach to yoga is the perfect way to begin. You will learn the foundations of yoga practice for mindbody health at our studio or online. A 75-minute yoga session includes an introduction/discussion, movement, and guided relaxation.

Class 1: Holistic Yoga: What is it?

Class 2: The Strength of a Warrior: Gaining Strength and Stability.

Class 3: Humility and Grace: A practice for your nervous system

Class 4: A journey inward. Mindful movement.

Register early. This class sells out!!

Tuition: $140 ($35 per 75-minute class)

Free for Premium Members: Enter code: THRIVE100

6 CEU credits.

Amy Coursen

Amy took her first yoga class at the age of 36, with an invitation from her friends. She liked being part of a group, and the philosophy of yoga drew her in. 19 years later, this map of self study supports her daily life, as she continues being a student of yoga. Amy also works on an assembly line and practices sprint triathlons! Yoga balances out those repetitive movements in a practical way. She has also found the practice helps with focus and concentration. During the pandemic shutdown in 2020, Prana offered 15 minute, daily, guided meditation classes on zoom. That starting point, followed by discussions and practice in the 200hr and 300hr hour trainings, strengthened Amy's habit of sitting in stillness. She says this practice has strengthened knowing how to go inward, and be on purpose in returning her mind to a single-pointed focus. Other things Amy is interested in are books and podcasts about history, religion, politics, psychology and how these are all connected. She also enjoys spending time with friends eating, going for walks and talking, helping with little kids at church, and checking in with family. Amy has been teaching yoga since December 2021, and enjoys taking group classes and continuing her studies in Prana's Yoga Therapy Program.