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Yoga Therapy and Heart Disease

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Research has proven yoga’s ability to fight stress and balance hormones that raise the blood pressure and heart rate. Learn tools and techniques to lower the risk of heart attack as well as rehabilitation for those who have undergone heart procedures. Learn protocols for different stages of heart disease .

Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to:


· Common medical terminology

· And reference healthcare providers

· And ability in designing, implementing and evaluating group programs for preventing heart disease as well as rehab after surgery for all levels.


· Benefits of yoga therapies for heart disease and working in vinyasa krama for rehabilitation.


· Contraindications and language for meeting care-seekers where they are.


· Commonly used drugs and surgical procedures pertaining to heart disease.

Recommended reading: The Healing Path of Yoga by Nichala Joy Devi.

Tuition: $450, Save $50 if registered before 1/17/2023

Principles: Sattva Yoga Therapy Modules (Yoga Therapist)

Yoga Therapy and Heart Disease


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Jenny "Sevika" Young

Jenny started yoga for her daughter in 2010 but stayed for herself. This is when powerful healing began to transform her body, mind, and spirit, not necessarily in that order. Through a regular asana and sitting practice, studying with phenomenal teachers and soaking in the love of the beautiful yoga community, she has begun to discover a quieter mind. She became RYT 200 certified through Prana School of Yoga and Health in 2012 as well as Thai Massage from Thai Body Work in 2012. She became ERYT 500 certified in 2015, and a Certified International Yoga Therapist in 2017. As a teacher, she sees each student as whole. She strives to create a supportive environment in which each student can safely experiment in uncovering the beauty and joy that reside within the heart of each of us. This support can include traditional yoga therapy, massage therapy, and a synergistic blend of the two. She is a perpetual student and is furthering her yogic and massage studies on the pelvic floor and myofascial release.