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Injuries, health conditions, and chronic stress take a toll on your body. Discover how Yoga Therapy can:

・Improve energy, digestion, elimination, and sleep.
・Support change of life and life purpose.
・Reduce pain.
・Balance mood(anxiety and depression).
・Improve focus and concentration
・Compliment other healing modalities.
・ Support peri/menopause and postpartum birth.
・ Provide holistic support for chronic illness and disease.
・ Bring more vibrancy to your life.
・ Support fertility and vitality.

Yoga Therapy

Imagine feeling your body move with newfound ease, tailored to your unique needs. Yoga therapy empowers you to address pain, illness, or injury through ancient practices like breathwork, postures, and relaxation techniques.

While traditional yoga offers a fantastic foundation for overall well-being, yoga therapists create a personalized plan that considers your unique goals, lifestyle, and conditions.

Your practice might include breathing exercises, gentle movements, meditation, and somatic trauma-sensitive practices. We'll help you find the path to greater ease and a healthier you.

Ready to design your personalized yoga journey? Let's get started Journey to Whole Health Package. Includes (1) 90-minute Initial consultation and 6 follow-up 60-minute sessions.

$888 package or $299/month for 3 months.

Whole Health Package Extras:

  • Priority Booking

  • Personalized appointments that are interchangeable across all healing modalities.

  • Yoga Nidra(deep relaxation) video library.

  • Individual add-ons: such as aromatherapy, and warm towels.

  • Personalized gift upon enrolling.

After breaking two bones in my leg and having surgery to repair them, my surgeon gave me very little guidance, so I turned to Dani for yoga therapy sessions. Dani is knowledgeable, compassionate, and intuitive in her guidance. Even over Zoom, she was able to see the tiniest of movements and make suggestions for me. Dani gave me the confidence and necessary tools to use my leg again while holistically focusing on my entire body, mind, and spirit. I can not recommend Dani and PranaYoga enough!

Kerri, Virtual Yoga Therapy Client

I was stuck and in so much pain. Dani taught me to be gentle and compassionate with myself, let go of those things that no longer serve me, and breathe in the abundance of life. I don't know exactly how it works, but I have had such healing. I no longer have pain in my hip. Yoga Therapy is a gift, and I am incredibly grateful.

Peggy, Yoga Therapy Client

Jenny is a massage therapist who can help you journey towards better health. Her massages work directly on muscles but are also a gateway to healing our breath, thoughts, emotions, and inner spirit. Having a degree in Biology and being a certified Yoga Therapist with years of experience makes Jenny extremely proficient in addressing her client's needs.

Diane, Massage Client

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