Find the key that unlocks yoga for you.

Explore: 4-week foundational program.

Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga that moves you.

Seek tranquility amidst life's chaos?

Long for balance and a connection with the inner self?

Yearn to step into the world of yoga with ease and clarity?

Whether you've been nudged towards yoga by a healthcare provider or are simply seeking a gateway to wellness, this program is the gentle whisper that says, “You belong here.”

Harness the Benefits of Yoga:

🌱 Personalized Yoga Experience: Enter a space where yoga molds to fit you, not the other way around.
💪 Build Strength: Embark on a journey to fortify your body, one pose at a time.
🌟 Gain Flexibility: Ease your way to a more limber and graceful you.
🤕 Reduce Pain and Discomfort: Breathe out your pain and breathe in relief through practices designed for healing.
🧘 Holistic Learning: Engage in a comprehensive curriculum that attends to your body, soul, and mind.

Each session is a step towards understanding your unique rhythm—every movement and breath as a love letter to your well-being. You'll gather insights and techniques that extend beyond the mat, enriching your life with a newfound vibrancy.

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Ready to Explore Yoga?

Join our 4-Week Program

Week-by-Week Guide to Transformation:

Week 1: Yoga Demystified
– Unveil the essentials of yoga and its prowess in managing discomfort.
Week 2: Breath-Centered Movement
– Balance your thoughts and explore the quiet depth within.
Week 3: Warrior's Strength
– Engage in empowering postures that leave you poised and centered.
Week 4: Enduring Calmness
– Delve into the alliance of yoga and the nervous system for deep peace and revitalizing rest.

With expert guidance, you’ll learn to adapt and cherish each pose, carrying the wisdom of modifications into your daily practice and any group class you may join. This program is not merely about adopting a routine; it’s about crafting your inner sanctuary.

Bonus: You'll get our Unlimited Yoga Membership for classes anytime, anywhere! 🌟

And the cherry on top? You can continue with your unlimited yoga membership at just $159/month.

**Our Happiness Guarantee ensures that if you're not confidently modifying and flowing by the end of the program, you can opt-out of your unlimited membership with no strings attached!**

Your tranquil retreat awaits:
June 11th -July 2nd
Join us in person and receive recordings from our last program!
All sessions will be recorded so you don't have to miss a thing!

" I love how understanding, patient, and open your teachers are. I loved the slow and steady learning process. I’m so thankful I can still engage by Zoom and yet still feel like part of the community."


"This series was so positive and uplifting. My spirit, and especially my body needed it immensely."

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Additional Benefits in Your Program

-Yoga 101 training manual and New Yoga Mat
-Live-stream and recordings
-One-month of unlimited group classes for the full community experience.
-Online library to live-stream or try our pre-recorded classes.
-15-minute gathering time to meet your new besties or to ask questions.
-Prana Signature Essential Oil Blend

Welcome to the premier beginner program! $199.
Register early. Room for just 15 students.


Getting here

Our Convenient Location. With lots of parking is located at:

1027 W Rudisill Blvd STE 220
(Building H on The Summit Campus)
Fort Wayne, IN 46807

We are upstairs in Building H, (The one with the large arch window). Use the commercial elevator or staircase to reach us!