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Our Method and Mission

We believe that not all people should practice yoga in the same way and the same style all the time. Our style of yoga is informed by ayurveda and individualized to your current condition and environment.


Note from our founder: I know that joining a yoga studio can be intimidating, so our mission is to help you feel at home, in our space and in your body.

- Smaller class sizes ensure individualized attention.

- Yoga is not the same for everyone, so we meet you where you are and teach you how to move.

-Our classes have the name Sattva, which means balance. Our studio is here to bring balance to your life.

-Pranayoga's teachers are professionally training high level teachers and yoga therapists.

You belong here just as you are.

Our Classes

Find your grounding in the foundation of yoga through time-honored tradition and balanced sequencing.

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Yin yoga includes of longer holds of grounding postures with breathwork, and supportive relaxation, for myofascial release and restoration. This class is for everybody needing to rest and reset. Sattva Yin Yoga combines the knowledge of Hatha Yoga with Ayurveda Sen lines for organ cleansing, and breathwork for peace of mind.

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Refresh and restore with sequences that soothe the nervous system.

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Pranayoga's Regenerative Slow Flow, created by founder Dani McGuire.This class features intelligent sequencing with an all-levels approach. Classes include conscious movement for creating relaxation and techniques for reducing injury when enjoying vinyasa flow-style yoga. Increase your heart rate while experiencing calm in your nervous system in this breath-basked movement.

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Anti-Aging movement medicine with joint-freeing, breath work, range of motion, and myofascial release. Explore your body through natural movements. These moves may not always look like familiar yoga postures, but will help you with your traditional yoga practice. Great for all bodies that move repetitively or not enough due to injury or aging.

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Our Location


1027 W Rudisill Blvd

Look for the building with the large arch window on campus.
We are right up the stairs. Can't miss us.
Lots of parking.


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