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You are invited to share in the holistic online community experience offered by PranaYoga, in your home Sanctuary.

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Join us in cultivating mindfulness, well-being, and transformation from the comfort of your home!

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Bring Pranayoga Studio to your home. Join us for live-stream and on demand classes group classes.

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Are you interested in learning yoga but not sure where to begin? You may have been recommended to try yoga by your doctor or therapist. Pranayoga's holistic approach to yoga is the perfect way to begin.

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This series is for in-person attendance. PranaMommas© Pre and Postnatal classes are designed to celebrate women; a holistic, all-encompassing approach to supporting greater vitality, and nourishing the mind body health. Our prenatal classes are for all levels and adaptable to all trimesters.

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This workshop is for those of you wanting to take your asana practice to the next level with the intelligent sequencing of Sattva Vinyasa. Be prepared to sweat, strengthen and soften your way through fun and challenging postures in our step by step approach to intelligence in vinyasa. Four weeks of fun.

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Join Founder, Yoga Therapist, and Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Dani McGuire-Vani in exploring key habits that promote immunity.

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Join us in exploring the physiology and yoga therapies that help us strengthen the body, balance the mind, relax the body, and connect the Spirit.

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There are over 300 joints in the body all subject to the wear and tear of life and gravity. In this series we will explore different asana modifications, decompression, use of gentle self massage, and subtle body practices to maintain healthy and happy joints.

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If you have been ready to go deeper into your mediation practice but find that sitting in silence is keeping you stuck, join us in transforming habitual patterns through the art of sacred sound.

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Stay Centered with this Meditation and Mindfulness Course. Enjoy 4 classes of guided self-care practices including: meditation, mindfulness, and pranayama (breath work). We will explore practices such as Tratak, Visualization, Japa, Affirmations, and Relaxation therapies that you can bring home and access any time.

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Our staff is here for each other and for you to have the best yoga experience, to create a safe space, and to meet you where you are!