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Explore Yoga: 4-Week Beginner's Program

Yoga for beginners or those who want to re-discover yoga.

Would you like to try or retry yoga, but aren't sure where to begin? We are here to help you get started with ease.

You only need a yoga mat, comfy clothes, and a water bottle (we have filtered water). We will take care of the rest with professional yoga teachers, a therapeutic approach, a soothing, beautiful space for practice, and all the tools and props you will need.

Here is what you will receive from this training:
-Four weeks of introductory classes at the same time and day each week.
-Yoga 101 training manual
-Recordings of missed sessions
-One-month of unlimited group classes.
-Online library to live-stream or try our pre-recorded classes.
-15-minute gathering time to meet your new besties or to ask questions.
-Prana Essential Oil Blend
-Pranayoga gear
-Program is limited to only 15 students


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Join us in exploring the physiology and yoga therapies that help us strengthen the body, balance the mind, relax the body, and connect the Spirit.

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If you have been ready to go deeper into your mediation practice but find that sitting in silence is keeping you stuck, join us in transforming habitual patterns through the art of sacred sound.

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Are you interested in learning yoga but not sure where to begin? You may have been recommended to try yoga by your doctor or therapist. Pranayoga's holistic approach to yoga is the perfect way to begin.

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The objective of the Pranayoga Institute’s Ayurveda and Yoga 100 Hour Certification Course is to provide the alchemical union of infusing Ayurveda into the wisdom of a holistic yoga practice. This program is for those seeking to integrate a living Ayurveda into their lives and wanting the traditional approach to holistic healing.

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Our Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression workshop is one of 3 workshops that make up our 70-Hour Yoga Psychology Certification program. • Yoga for Anxiety and Depression • Yoga Therapy for Trauma • Re-Imagining Addiction This certification is meant for those wanting to become yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and medical professionals. 

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Meditation refers to a variety of practices where an individual trains the mind and induces a specific mode of consciousness. Different meditation practices include: mantra meditation, relaxation mediation, guided relaxation, compassion meditation and 5 sense meditations.

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